Nowadays a bast majority of server workloads run using linux containers because of his flexibility and lightweight but have you ever think how does linux containers works. In this tutorial we will demystify how does linux containers works with some practical examples. …

In this tutorial we gonna deploy a dns add-blocker with pihole using a recursive dns as upstream server accessible in LAN network and internet through wireguard vpn. We utilized K3S as kubernetes provider.


To follow this tutorial you need to have:

  • A computer running any linux distribution (in this tutorial…

When you are testing your deployments in a kubernetes cluster on the cloud you have a few options to expose your services outside world, for example you can use a service, but also you need to configure the firewall rules for each service, the other type of service…

In this tutorial we will configure a raspberry pi to connect with hc-05 bluetooth module and arduino using a python script.

The hardware

  • Raspberry pi 3b+ (it has inbuilt Bluetooth)
  • Arduino micro
  • HC-05 Bluetooth module

System requirements

  • arduino-cli
  • picocom
  • python 3

Configurations for Bluetooth module HC-05

  • Configure the module as master
  • Set PIN

Configurations for Raspberry Pi

In this tutorial, we will configure a raspberry pi as an access point to connect to the esp8266 WiFi board using the arduino SDK and a python script.

The Hardware is

  • Esp8266 with arduino sdk
  • Raspberry pi 3b+

System requirements

  • arduino-cli
  • picocom
  • python3

Configurations for Raspberry Pi

  • Install raspbian
  • Enable ssh server
  • Upgrade system
  • Configure keys for ssh server

When you browse at school or work you probably have experienced some problems browsing in certain websites or using certain applications. …

Many users need to secure their laptop, workstation or regular PC, this users want to protect their information. …

Security is one of the most important things now days specifically in enterprise environments, a vpn helps to encrypt traffic from client to internet. Wireguard is a vpn protocol than works on the kernel side and acts like a network interface, is one of the most modern vpn protocols it’s…

Photo by Serge Kutuzov on Unsplash

SSH tunneling is a method of transporting arbitrary networking data over an encrypted SSH connection. It can be used to add encryption to legacy applications. It can also be used to implement VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) and access intranet services across firewalls.

SSH has 3 types of tunneling: local, remote…

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