How to setup a remote development environment with code-server and nextcloud


  • A kubernetes cluster (I recommend to use
  • A nextcloud installation (you can install via helm within the same k8s cluster)
  • A k8s storage class where you can save your files

System Architecture

System architecture

Configure nextcloud sync client

kubectl apply -f k8s/01-pvc-nextcloud-client.yaml
kubectl apply -f k8s/conf/nextcloud-client-conf.yaml
kubectl apply -f k8s/conf/nextcloud-client-conf.yaml

Configure vscode on the server

Docker mods

apiVersion: v1
kind: ConfigMap
name: code-server-configmap
namespace: prod
DOCKER_MODS: "linuxserver/mods:code-server-extension-arguments|"

Configure code-server on k8s

kubectl apply -f k8s/02-pvc-code-server.yaml
kubectl apply -f k8s/conf/code-server-conf.yaml
kubectl apply -f k8s/04-code-server.yaml

Configure the ingress

kubectl apply -f k8s/05-ingress.yaml


code-server working as web application




Engineer || MSc student || DevOps in progress

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Ivan Moreno

Ivan Moreno

Engineer || MSc student || DevOps in progress

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