How to install and configure you own vpn server in GCP with Wireguard

Server-side setup

  1. Create a virtual instance
  2. Setup ssh keys
  3. Install Wireguard
  4. Configure Wireguard Server
  5. Create Peers

1. Create virtual host in GCP

Setup ssh keys

chmod 400 ~/.ssh/[KEY_FILENAME]
# copy directly from command line output
cat ~/.ssh/[KEY_FILENAME].pub
# copy with xclip
cat ~/.ssh/[KEY_FILENAME].pub | xclip -selection c

Install Wireguard

sudo dnf update
sudo yum install elrepo-release epel-release
sudo yum install kmod-wireguard wireguard-tools

Configure Wireguard Server

# change to root user
sudo su -
# go to /etc/wireguard directory
cd /etc/wireguard
# limit default file permission of root user
umask 077
# generate public and private key
wg genkey | tee private-key | wg pubkey > public-key
Address =
SaveConfig = true
PostUp = firewall-cmd --zone=public --add-port 50555/udp && firewall-cmd --zone=public --add-masquerade && firewall-cmd --zone=trusted --add-interface=wgserver && firewall-cmd --zone=trusted --add-masquerade
PostDown = firewall-cmd --zone=public --remove-port 50555/udp && firewall-cmd --zone=public --remove-masquerade && firewall-cmd --zone=trusted --remove-interface=wgserver && firewall-cmd --zone=trusted --remove-masquerade
ListenPort = 50555
PrivateKey = <private key>

Add firewall rules in GCP

Enable wireguard server at boot with systemd

systemctl enable --now wg-quick@wgserver
systemctl status wg-quick@wgserver

Configure Peers

PrivateKey = <client_private_key>
Address =
PublicKey = <server_public_key>
Endpoint = <server_public_ip_address>:<server_listen_port>
# to route all traffic through wireguard server
# AllowedIPs =, ::/0
# to route only wireguard server subnet
AllowedIPs =
# create client directory
mkdir ~/wgclients/client1
# copy template
cp ~/wgclients/template.conf ~/wgclients/client1/client1.conf
# generate keys
wg genkey | tee private-key | wg pubkey > public-key
# copy client private key and paste in client config file
cat private-key | xclip -selection c
PrivateKey = QWERTfvCAJ5WgIqpCxOz9e7yYIzxOmB/PE1GBGNGJ29=
Address =
PublicKey = QWERTYvCAJ5WgIqpCxOz9e7yYIzxOmB/QWERTYNGJ20=
Endpoint =
AllowedIPs =
PublicKey = QWERTYvCAJ5WgIqpCxOz9e7yYIzxOmB/QWERTYNGJ20=
# if client have static ip address put here, else omit the field
# Endpoint =
AllowedIPs =, ::/0
# reload wgserver config file
sudo su -c "wg addconf wgserver <(wg-quick strip wgserver)"
# check wireguard config status, will appers the new client
sudo wg show wgserver
# generate QR code from terminal
qrencode -t ansiutf8 < ~/wgclients/testclient/testclient.conf
# check connection with
sudo wg show wgserver



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